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Many thousands of fireplaces and stoves have been made of Ukrainian chamotte bricks and on Ukrainian mortars in Belgium, France and England over the past century. It all started back in 1897, when the British and Belgian founders of the Ukrainian metallurgy contributed to the creation of industries that, for many years, provided the rapidly developing metallurgy of Ukraine and Europe with refractory materials. For 120 years, Ukrainian refractories have proven themselves not only among domestic and European manufacturers, builders around the world also rated them as a reliable and high-quality product. GIR, combining centuries-old manufacturing experience and new technologies, created the GIRtech trademark, which absorbed the best traditions and innovations of the industry, becoming a worthy response to the expectations of our customers. Today, the GIRtech brand provides every customer with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of warmth and comfort through a wide product line, including both materials and components for construction, as well as ready-made stoves and products.

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Velikoanadolsky plant was established by a Belgian joint-stock company headed by Eug?ne de Barbier back in 1897 for the needs of the Ukrainian and European metallurgy. For more than 120 years, the plant that survived two world wars and two empires and became the leading producer of chamottes in Ukraine and Eastern Europe provides its industrial and private clients with products of the highest standard.

In 1899, the Krasnogorovka French-Russian Society organized in a. Krasnogorovka refractory plant under the leadership of Albert Gouy de Girac, focused mainly on the needs of the European market. For nearly 120 years, the plant has been engaged in providing high-quality services to the needs of hundreds of industrial giants and countless private customers around the world.

In 1934, Soviet industrialization led to the construction of another giant of the refractory industry of Ukraine, the Pokrovsky KDZ plant, which went a long way from manual production to an industrial giant and a monopolist in the market of silica refractories. Possessing unique technologies and its own raw materials for the production of dinas, the plant today provides the territory from the Alps to the Urals.

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